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PainLess Anesthesia

Single Tooth Anesthesia 

Where you get numbed in comfort

What is Single Tooth Anesthesia?

The Single Tooth Anesthia (STA) WAND System is the first computer-controllered local dental anesthetic system. It is used to replace the traditional "shot". It slowly delivers local anesthesia material painlessly into a single tooth. This greatly relieves the discomfort of numberness of the tongue, lips, and face usually experiences from the traditional "shot".

Computer Controlled Flow Rates

  • Automatically regulates flow and pressure during injection

  • Delivers anesthetic solution at a precise and consistent rate below your pain threshold

  • Consistent flow maximizes injection predictability

Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology

  • The dynamic pressure sensing monitors the exit pressure of the anesthetic for the optimal needle position

  • Visual and audible feedback aids in the identification of the correct location for injection

Less Stress, Better Feedback

Happy Patient
  • Easier on both the dentist and the patient – both mentally & physically

  • Unique pen-like grasp and feather-like weight for ease of use and higher accuracy

  • Patient has maximum comfort

More Technology

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Years of Experience

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